SurgiHealth Solutions - SurgiHealth Solutions Honored with 2023 CLIMB Award for Innovator of the Year

SurgiHealth Solutions Honored with 2023 CLIMB Award for Innovator of the Year


SurgiHealth Solutions Honored with 2023 CLIMB Award for Innovator of the Year

Oct 27th, 2023 - Events Press Community



SurgiHealth Solutions Honored with 2023 CLIMB Award for Innovator of the Year

Cincinnati, OH 10/27/2023 — SurgiHealth Solutions, a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, is delighted to announce its recognition as the Innovator of the Year by the 2023 CLIMB Awards, a prestigious honor bestowed by The Cincinnati Business Courier and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Now in its sixth year, the CLIMB Awards program celebrates individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in Greater Cincinnati.

The Innovator of the Year award underscores SurgiHealth Solutions' dedication to advancing innovation within the healthcare industry. The company has been honored for its product, INDIHOLD, a revolutionary solution that transforms the way chemical indicators are confirmed within instrument trays, containers, and peel-pouches following sterilization.

INDIHOLD not only enhances visibility within healthcare environments, ensuring safer practices, but also champions the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. SurgiHealth Solutions firmly believes that innovation should serve everyone, regardless of background or identity.

"We are profoundly honored to receive the 2023 CLIMB Award for Innovator of the Year," stated Joshua Williams, Founder & CEO at SurgiHealth Solutions. "INDIHOLD represents more than a product; it embodies our commitment to making healthcare safer and more efficient. We are proud to contribute to a more inclusive healthcare community, and this recognition reaffirms our dedication to these ideals."

The CLIMB Awards represent an acknowledgment and celebration of the significant strides SurgiHealth Solutions has taken in providing high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative solutions for healthcare facilities. The company's core values align seamlessly with the CLIMB Awards' mission of elevating the Greater Cincinnati region by fostering diverse workforces, equitable practices, and inclusive cultures.

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SurgiHealth Solutions is a trailblazing provider of healthcare solutions designed to enhance patient safety and optimize operational efficiency. With a focus on delivering cost-effective, high-quality products, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to improve healthcare standards.

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